Permanent mould castign

DITALEN, S.L. only works with primary aluminium that comes from homologated suppliers with the best quality of the world.

We can manufacture any part designed in non iron alloys and we are specialized in manufacturing parts of alloys with high mechanical requirements such as ENAC 42100 and ENAC 42200.

We have four electric melting furnaces with 600kg capacity each one.

Types of parts we manufacture: more than 300 different part designs of weights within 0.1kg to 50 kg and high flexibility of batch manufacturing.

Anual manufacturing capacity: between 400.000 and 500.000 units of finished product which means around 200 tones of raw material.

We design and manufacture moulds with ability to adapt to any of our automated hydraulic machines. Moulds with special shapes or big sizes may require to manufacture a personalized machine.

Manual cutting and deburring section

Two robotic cells (ABB and KUKA) for cutting and deburring big size parts, big batches and special shapes.